Swedish Massage

1 Hr- $75

1 ½ Hr- $110

This light and soothing massage designed to relax muscles and increase circulation.

Deep Tissue

1 Hr- $85

1 ½ Hr- $120

Therapeutic massage with deep penetration that alleviates painful knots while flushing out toxins from your body.


½ Hr- $65

1 Hr- $95

The focus of Reflexology is on the feet and hands where the nerve endings are located. The feet and hands mirror the entire body and every organ and body part can be found in them thus this treatment will maintain good health to all your organs.

We offer couples massages

Himalayan Detox Stone Massage

1 hour $110 and 11/2 hr $150

Enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage with our Himalayan detox stones. These stones provide a warm and ionizing effect to the massage that relaxes and revitalizes.

Prenatal Massage

1 Hr- $85

1 ½ Hr- $120

Hot Stone Massage

1 Hr- $95

1 ½ Hr- $135

Body Treatments

Body Scrubs


Scrubbing invigorates the skin and increases blood circulation. The perfect way to relax and get more out of your massage.

Slimming/Detoxing Body Wrap


Great way to detoxify the body. Tightens and tones your skin. Lose fat and cellulite.